How Often Should I Get an Eye Exam?

How Often Should I Get an Eye Exam?

How Often Should I Get an Eye Exam?

How Often Should I Get an Eye Exam?

For most people, eye exams are rarely a priority, never to appear on their to-do list unless there is an emergency. The reason is that most people do not consider eye health something that can affect them. They need their eyes to work well in their busy lives, so they only go to an eye doctor if they have a problem.

However, experts recommend regular eye exams even if you have perfect vision. One of the main reasons is that eye conditions usually do not present any symptoms until they have developed significantly. Hence, getting ahead and treating them as early as possible is best.

What is an Eye Exam?


During an eye exam, the eye doctor will use several tests to check your vision's effectiveness. Each test examines a different aspect of vision and eye health. The tests are thorough examinations of the ocular structure using various instruments and devices for each test. They may use bright lights, eye drops, charts, and lenses to assess the state of your eyes.

When Should You Have an Eye Exam?


Age is one of the most defining factors for how often you should have an eye exam. Other factors are the history of eye conditions and your health.

Children Under Three Years


When a child is very young, their pediatrician will usually run a simple eye exam to ensure their eyes are developing correctly. They will also look for common eye conditions affecting young children. Your child will have a more comprehensive eye exam once they get to between three and five years.

Adolescents and School-age Children


As mentioned above, when a child gets three to five years, they should have a comprehensive eye exam. In this exam, the doctor will establish the state of their vision and recommend how often they need exams.



If your vision is perfect and you have no history of vision issues, the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends an exam when you turn 40. At this age, eye conditions become standard for all people because their eyes have started to deteriorate. From the exam, the eye doctor will recommend how frequently you should have exams. 

When you turn 60, the frequency of exams may be much higher based on the condition of your eyes. The recommended frequency for normal eyes is once a year or two. You will need more frequent visits to the eye doctor if you:

  • Have prescriptive eyewear.

  • Have ocular conditions or vision loss in your family history.

  • Have a health condition that can affect your eye health, like diabetes.

  • Are taking medication that seriously affects your eyes.


What Tests Are Used in a Comprehensive Eye Exam?


Eye Muscle Test

It checks whether your eye muscles are working correctly.

Visual Acuity Test

It is one of the most common tests. It measures how well and how far you can see.

Refraction Assessment

It helps the eye doctor determine if you have a refractive error and what correction is required if you do.

Visual Field Test

It tests how wide your visual field is.

For more on how often you should get an eye exam, visit Natural State Eyecare at our office in Little Rock, Arkansas. Call (501) 295-4011 to book an appointment today.

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